Карточки шанса в «симс 2» и дополнениях

Sims 2 Mods List Updates

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January 12, 2019 Updates See Updates

  • Added the following new mods:
    • The Community Time Project
    • Brighter Computer Screens
    • Default Replacement Computer Screens
    • Level Numbers Added to Job Titles
    • Patterns for Puppies & Kittens
    • No Red Pause Lines

April 21, 2019 UpdatesSee Updates

  • Added new sections for Baby & Toddler, Build Mode, Memories, Romance, Skill, Supernatural, UI Mods
  • Updated link to Visitor Controller for new updated version of mod.
  • Added Greenshot and Sims2Pack Clean Installer to Tools section.
  • Added the following new mods:
    • Memory Manipulator
    • High chair access
    • FT cribs animated
    • Just be Friends
    • Work & Bring Home Friend Dialogue
    • Don’t Walk Away While Cooking
    • No Carpools for Mothers
    • Extended Family Treated as Family
    • Wedding Mat
    • Object Rotator
    • Walk-Through Blocks
    • Gussy Up
    • Maxis Modular Stair Passage Fix
    • Rug Texture Fix
    • More CAS Items for Widescreens
    • Baby Bottle Replacements
    • Young Adults can Enjoy Maternity
    • Uni Aging and YA Move Out of College
    • Job Options Mod Set
    • Pets in University
    • Widescreen CAS Camera Fix
    • Sim Transformer
    • Find a Mate Crystal Ball
    • Higher Odds of Abduction
    • Adult-Teen Attraction
    • Caged Pet Fix
    • No Pet Obsession
    • No Smiling in CAS
    • Eat More Talk Less While Dining
    • Television Placement Mod
    • Creativity Gained from Diary
    • No Death Type Loss When Moving Tombstones
    • Become an Author Without a Computer
    • Faster Homework
    • Default Book Covers & Novel Icons

September 21, 2019 UpdatesSee Updates

  • Updated Neighborhood Mods section with my new favorite default replacement trees by Silent Dragon.
  • Added new section for Business Mods.
  • Added the following new mods:
    • Business Mod
    • Townie Budget Mod
    • Simlogical OFB Mods
    • Batbox as a Vase
    • Watch TV from All Chairs
    • No Plumbobs Mods (Neighborhood and Sims)
    • Thought & Talk Bubble Controller
    • Shadow Fix
    • Local Walkbys
    • Sim Manipulator
    • Gypsy Matchmaker Fix
    • School Mods

October 2, 2019 UpdatesSee Updates

December 18, 2019 UpdatesSee Updates

  • Added “Hobby” section.
  • Added “Townie & NPC” section.
  • Added the following new mods:
    • Enthusiasm Overhaul
    • Food Enthusiasm Fix
    • Baby Last Name Chooser
    • First Kiss Enabled
    • Townie Move In No Memory Loss
    • Selectable NPCs
    • Fire Mod
    • Equal Genetics
    • No Inheritance After Elder Dies
    • More Realistic Payment for Maxis Careers
    • Seasons & Weather Controller
    • Widescreen Buy/Plan Outfits
    • No Sim Loaded
    • 18-Hour Pregnancy

Pet Mods

These mods are related to Pets and animals in the game.

  • – Create puppies and kittens for your Sims to adopt. I use this mod on my Animal Shelter Lot.
  • Caged Pet Fix – Fixed random bird death bug and other annoyances and bugs related to the birds and womrats.
  • No Pet Obsession – Sims will now get wants related to pets only if they are in their family or if they are friends with the animal, and wants are also dependent on a sim’s interest in animals.
  • No Stray Respawn – Stray animals no longer respawn. Existing animals unaffected. Animals that exist in play may become strays, but no new random ones will generate.
  • Patterns for Puppies and Kittens – This mod unlocks patterns for your puppies and kittens. Now you can see what they’re going to look like before they age up.
  • Pets in University – Allows Sims to have pets in the University ‘hoods.

Fix Mods

These are mods that fix problems with the game or just things I personally find annoying. They aren’t required, but they make gameplay more fun (in my opinion).

  • Cyjon’s Sims 2 Mods N Stuff – I have almost ALL the fix mods from Cyjon. It was getting to be too much to list them all here. I recommend perusing his selection and downloading the ones that appeal to you. NOTE: Most of his mods require his Smarter EP Check so make sure you download this first before you go on a download spree on his site.
  • Dress Me Correctly – Sims will put on the correct clothing when changing depending on time of day and their schedule.
  • Don’t Walk Away While Cooking – Sims will no longer walk away from the stove and burn the house down.
  • Eat More, Talk Less While Dining – This hack will completely bypass the conversation if the sims is in desperation for energy, hunger, fun or bladder, or is in a bad mood. Sims with maxed social will talk less.
  • Exercise Bike Fix – With this mod, sims stop using the Exerto Super Exercise Bike when they’re in bad mood, hungry, sleepy, feel uncomfortable or need to go to the toilet, as if they were using other skill objects. Originally sims don’t care about their needs at all while using the bike and they can die for that reason.
  • Extended Family Treated as Family – Allows the game to recognize second cousins, first cousins once removed, great grandparents, great grandchildren, and great aunts and uncles as family members. No more dating distant relatives!
  • Fire Mod – Fixes a lot of issues with how Sims interact with fire. Sims who study fire safety will now behave as intended by attempting to put out fires.
  • Gypsy Matchmaker Fix – You can now interact with the Gypsy Matchmaker on community lots instead of just dismissing her.
  • No Death Type Loss when Moving Tombstones – Fixes a bug that causes Sims to lose their death type when you move the tombstone to a community lot. Ghosts will now be the correct color based on their death type after moving.
  • No Sim Loaded – Removes useless “sim loaded” tokens and other garbage that slows down your game and causes lag.
  • Pescado’s Apartment Hack – Fixes a lot of issues with apartments.
  • Random Calls Fix – Fixes problems related to the random phone calls your Sims receive.
  • Shadow Fix – Fixes the black boxes that appear under Sims in some games and restores correct shadows.
  • Simply Leftovers – Allows you to store leftovers as single plates so Sims don’t have to take out the group-sized plate every time they want leftovers.
  • Smart Beds – Forces the bed ownership system in the game to actually work. Sims will autonomously use the bed they have the most ownership of.
  • Smarter Lights – The purpose of this mod is to automatically turn the light on and off, depending of the type of the lot, the time of the day, and what the sims are doing.
  • Smarter Parent Choice for College Cinematics – Makes the game choose who drops your Sim off at college based on relationship with the parent.
  • Social Worker Hack – Direct Download from MATY – Apartment Life version. This hack makes the Social Worker behave more reasonably. If you don’t have AL, you’ll have to search for the version you need.
  • Woohoo Count Fix – Fixes a problem with woohoo count. If a Sim has woohooed with the same sim multiple times in different types of woohoo, the game will now consider that as having woohooed with only one sim.
  • Woohoo LTW Fix – Stops the woohoo LTW from disappearing after being achieved.

Pose Mods

These are mods I use to pose my Sims for screenshots, portraits, and for making thumbnails for my Youtube videos.

  • Freezer Clock – Allows you to freeze time when necessary. Be careful with this because it does not freeze pregnancy timers.
  • Fourth Wall Options – I use this for the “look at me now” command which makes Sims look directly at the camera.
  • Jaydee’s Pose Boxes – The only pose boxes I really use are the ones from Jaydee, and of these I mostly use the Loading Screen poses. It has all the poses from the household loading screens.
  • MixedUp’s Screenshot Background – This is a giant rug that creates a solid color background for screenshots. It makes isolating Sims so easy!
  • No Red Pause Lines – Removes the red lines around the screen when the game is paused.
  • Thought & Talk Bubble Controller – Allows  you to choose a specific talk or thought bubble to appear above a Sim’s head. Great for storytelling and screenshots.

Anti-Corruption Mods

These are mods that will help prevent corruption in your ‘hoods. I consider these non-negotiable. Download these first!

  • Mootilda’s Hood Checker – This is a tool and not really a mod, but it’s necessary to check your hoods for corruption. Read all documentation on the download page.
  • No Corrupt Death – Suppresses the corrupt death memory.
  • No Unlink on Delete – Game no longer partially destroys sim file on deletion of tombstone. May resolve potential random tombstone losses when moving tombstones to community lots resulting from shredded character files produced by unlinkage.
  • Unofficial AL Patch – Fixes many critical issues with the game.

General CC Sites

  • Affinity Sims – This site is a bit weird to navigate, but it has a lot of great CAS and build/buy mode CC.
  • – A forum site filled with CC of all kinds. Many amazing creators share their stuff here.
  • LeeFish – Offers a variety of custom content and mod downloads, also home of the graphics rules maker. 
  • Mod the Sims – My favorite site for mods and Maxis match custom content.
  • N99 Forums – Another awesome place to find Maxis match custom content.
  • Parsimonious – Lots of beautiful furniture, clothing, walls and floors, terrains, makeup, accessories, pretty much some of everything. Large selection.
  • Sims 2 Default Database – Default replacements for the hideous Maxis stuff. I used this site to replace most of the awful base game clothing.
  • Sims Cave – This site is one of my go-to’s for finding new Sims 2 cc. The forum is updated weekly with all the newly released content scoured from around the web. Both realistic and Maxis match styles are represented. Go to TS2 Updates for the most recent finds and the Updates Archive for older stuff.   

Romance & Relationship Mods

These are mods related to romance and relationships in the game.

  • Adult-Teen Attraction – Allows adults and teens to have romantic attraction. Recommended for use with ACR (see below).
  • Autonomous Casual Romance (ACR) – Allows your Sims to autonomously woohoo, try for baby, make booty calls, and perform a whole host of romantic interactions. Gives your Sims more freedom to make their own romantic decisions and creates a lot of drama and fun in your neighborhood. Highly recommended!
  • Find a Mate Crystal Ball – Summon the power of the Gypsy’s crystal ball, without having to deal with the old bat. Much better than the gypsy matchmaker and free!
  • First Kiss Enabled – This mod enables first kiss to be used any time you wish as long as the relationship score is high enough. See the “first kiss” cutscene with any two Sims.
  • Just Be Friends Social – Teens and up can ask romantic interests to “just be friends,” and then all crush/love flags between them get cleared.
  • More Realistic Relationship Decay – Self-explanatory; relationship decay is now more realistic.
  • New Turn-Ons – This mod adds four new turn ons/offs to the game. In addition, it fixes quite a few problems with the attraction/chemistry system.
  • Wedding Mat by Chris Hatch – I use this mod in my community lot weddings. Allows Sims to get married on the mat instead of with a wedding arch (useful if you want to use a podium like I do). Also, there are any female sims on the lot that are either a sister or child to one of the happy couple then they will be invited to be a bridesmaid.

Essential Mods

These are the mods I consider to be essential to my gameplay and I could not play without them.

  • Anti-Redundancy – Eliminates spawning of unnecessary redundant NPCs.
  • Bat Box (FFS Lot Debugger) – This has a lot of similar features to the Sim Blender, but also has a lot of helpful debug options. In my early Let’s Play episodes, I used it to give my Sims college degrees. I also use it to “Roll the Pacifier” or reset Sim genetics to prevent clone babies. You can download a .
  • Day Setter – Used to set the day of the week when Sims move to a new lot. Necessary to keep their ages in sync with the rest of the ‘hood.
  • – Changes all hair colors and eye colors to dominant. This means Sims have an equal chance of being born with either parent’s hair color and eye color. Later generations will not be dominated by black hair and brown eyes anymore.
  • Gussy Up (Updated for Seasons) – This mod allows you to buy, change, and plan outfits from a pie menu in-game. Allows you to change townie clothing and change appearance of any Sim directly by clicking on them.
  • Inge’s Age Group Tweak – I use this to change the number of days for each life stage. Requires messing around in Sim PE, but it’s not too difficult. Click here to see my tutorial on using this hack to create your own custom lifespans.
  • No Townie Regen – I put this mod in after I’ve been playing a while and I don’t want any new townies created. I remove it if I want more townies. To download, choose the most recent expansion you have (AL if you have the Ultimate Collection) and scroll through the list until you find the mod.
  • No Dormie Regen – Same as above. Look for “nodormiespawns” in the NL hacks menu.
  • Sim Blender – The ultimate Sim management “God” mod. You’ll see me use this a lot in my Let’s Plays.
  • Sim Manipulator – Similar to InSimenator and the Sim Blender but has a few different options. I use it for the ability to instantly change clothes to a different outfit or plan outfits by clicking on a Sim, and to make non-playable Sims easily selectable, but it has MANY more options.

Hobby Mods

These mods affect the in-game hobby system and hobby enthusiasm.

  • Enthusiasm Overhaul – The mods improves the hobby enthusiasm system, better matching hobbies to interests, makes the One True hobby more important than others, decay is dependent on interests, stops annoying hobby messages and more.
  • Fewer Hobby Wants – Reduces the number of hobby wants by stopping certain wants from being triggered.
  • Food Enthusiasm Fix – Sims no longer get cuisine enthusiams for *everything* they eat.
  • Professional Blogger – Sims who have maxed out enthusiasm in a hobby will earn money during the time they blog (also listed in Finance section).

Neighborhood Mods

These are mods and custom content I use to make my neighborhoods look beautiful with today’s graphics. I’ve also made a video tutorial showing how to use and install these mods in your own hoods.

  • The Great Sky of Totalitarianism – Beautiful animated skies for your hoods and lots. You’ll need the sky box mesh, sky fix, full archive of lot skies, and full archive of hood skies (all available in this link) to make your skies look like mine in game.
  • Realistic Sun and Moon – I use the normal Sun and Real Moon for my hood skies. You can also download the invisible versions if you don’t like the sun, moon, and/or stars showing.
  • Seasons-ready Skylines – Gorgeous skylines that work beautifully with the above animated skies. I use Green Hills for Pleasantview but they are all gorgeous.
  • Curious B’s Neighborhood Terrain and Road Replacements – Greener grass and better looking dirt/desert terrains, and nicer roads that work with the terrains. If this link isn’t working, you can also get the replacements on Sim File Share here.
  • Criquette’s Linden Trees as Default Replacements – Less blurry, more beautiful trees for your hoods. UPDATE: I am no longer using the Linden Trees as my default replacements. I now use these from Silent Dragon. Either ones are nice, but I prefer Silent Dragon’s as they are a bit more Maxis Match.
  • Voeille’s Texture Replacements – Less blurry textures for beaches, cliffs, and snow. UPDATE: The links from the tutorial video on Voeille’s Tumblr no longer work. She has also uploaded them on MTS. Get them here.
  • Gunmod’s Camera Mod – Necessary to view your skies and skylines. Allows you to view the far edges of your hood and have a top-down view, plus many more camera angles.


  • Cyjon’s Sims 2 Mods – Lots of amazing Sims 2 mods, including a lot of fixes for annoying things in the game. I have dozens of these mods in my game. Very well organized, too.
  • Hexagonal Bipyramid – Creator of the Sims 2 Traits Project (review coming to my channel soon) and many other awesome mods. 
  • MidgeTheTree – This creator is so awesome at creating new and useful mods for The Sims 2. Lot of fixes and things that just make the game better to play. She also has some skins and other things available. I find her LiveJournal to be better organized.
  • – This site can be a little intimidating, but there’s no denying the wealth of awesome and useful mods you can find there. 
  • Pick’N’Mix Mods – Several really great mods including some of my most loved mods – the thought bubble controller and the salary bonus scheme.
  • Simbology – Home of Two Jeff’s Mods (including Sim Blender and ACR), plus a lot of archived older mods from Simwardrobe and other defunct sites. 
  • Simlogical – Fantastic and creative mods for your game including a prison and school system, auto drapes, teleportation mods, money, aging, fixes, and much more. Highly recommended. 
  • Simnopke – Lots of awesome newer mods that enhance gameplay and a few CC items too (including custom sliders for CAS). 

Дополнения для симс 3 (2009)

В реальности каждому человеку дано прожить лишь одну жизнь. Но с помощью The Sims 3 это ограничение можно снять! Вам решать — где, как и с кем жить, чем заниматься, чем украшать и обустраивать свой дом. The Sims 3 — это уникальный имитатор жизни, взявший и преумноживший все лучшее из предыдущих эпизодов легендарной серии. Третья часть сти …

Год выпуска: 2009Жанр: Add-on (Content pack)Разработчик: The Sims StudioEA Redwood ShoresИздательство: Electronic ArtsСайт разработчика: www.electronicarts.ru/Язык интерфейса: русскийПлатформа: Windows XPVistaMAC OS X Для WINDOWS XP:Операционная система: Microsoft Windows XP, пакет обновлений 2

Коды для строительства в Sims 2

  • Moveobjects on/off — возможность передвигать неперемещаемые объекты и «накладывать» объекты на самих себя
  • boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false — напишите ‘false’, чтобы расположить объект вне сетки (не четко по клеткам пола)
  • BoolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation [true/false] — Позволяет вращать любой объект на 45 градусов (вращение с помощью клавиш)
  • boolprop constrainFloorElevation (true/false) — разрешить изменять высоту этажей
  • SetHighestAllowedLevel — строить более пяти этажей
  • ChangeLotZoning — тип лота, в котором вы находитесь
  • roofslopeangle (15-75) — в режиме строительства устанавливает угол наклона всех крыш на участке
  • DeleteAllAwnings — уничтожает все навесы на лоте
  • DeleteAllFences — уничтожает все заборы на лоте
  • DeleteAllHalfWalls — уничтожает все полустены на лоте
  • DeleteAllObjects [Doors/Windows/Stairs] — удаляет все окна, двери, лестницы на лоте
  • DeleteAllWalls — удаляет все стены на лоте
  • BoolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false] — Позволяет строить и сносить стены в общежитии
  • apartmentBuildBuyRestrictions [on/off] — позволяет использовать Buy Mode и Build Mode в квартирах
  • boolProp aptSubLotSpecificToolsDisabled false — дает доступ ко всем объектам за пределами вашей квартиры
  • boolProp aptBaseLotSpecificToolsDisabled false — позволяет перестроить стены в вашей квартире


  • Antkas Defaults – Beautifully done default replacement clothing. Most of my defaults come from here or Lottie Sims. No updates since 2015, but a large catalog to search through. 
  • Artemida-Sims Tumblr – Lots of great MM clothes, also lovely hairs, defaults, and some objects. 
  • DeeDee-Sims – Gorgeous Maxis match clothing, objects, conversions, and recolors.
  • Fanseelamb’s Tumblr – True Maxis Match hairs and a lot of nice everyday clothing.
  • Frottana’s Tumblr – Beautiful clothing, lots, and even Sims. I adore her clothing though. Check it out.
  • Grunge Finds – A Tumblr filled with grungy, gothic, alternative, apocalyptic or even Halloween things for your sims 2 game.
  • Keoni’s Tumblr – Fantastic Maxis Match hairs, clothing, and defaults. Still regularly updates. 
  • Lemon Lion – Gorgeous custom content and defaults, mostly in an alternative style, but she does have some “normal” stuff worth digging for.
  • Leyasun’s Tumblr – Very colorful clothing, furniture, and other objects.
  • Lottie Sims – Very well-done default replacement clothing. Many of my defaults come from here. She has moved on to The Sims 4, but there’s still lots to download from her previous work. 
  • Maxis Match Repository – Its purpose is to take all Maxis based custom content for The Sims 2, cut the files down to minimal size, and make them blend seamlessly with your game files. Lots of great clothing for all ages and genders.
  • MisoMoso Sims – Some of the best clothing I’ve ever seen for The Sims 2. Lots of stuff for male Sims, which we always need more of. No recent updates, but plenty there to download.
  • Moocha’s Muses – Lovely clothing and conversions from TS4, buy mod objects (love the posters), lots, and more. 
  • Needlecream’s Tumblr – Clothing and objects. Not as much content as some of the other sites, but still worth checking out.
  • Rented Space’s Tumblr – Lots of amazing clothing and hair. Still regularly updates. 
  • Simcat81 – Beautiful default replacements for Maxis clothing.
  • Sims & Stuff – So many amazing clothes for all ages (plus a lot of shiny hairs if you like those).
  • What the Skell – Still regularly updates with cute clothes and other objects. See also the Maxis Match Repository above. 
  • YanderePlumSims – A Tumblr featuring lots of cute clothes plus some very nice hairs, lots, and objects.

Retired Mods

These are mods I no longer use, but may have mentioned in previous Let’s Play videos. I am leaving them here in case anyone comes looking for them.

  • Adopt in Poverty – Takes away the requirement to have $3,000 to adopt. I no longer use this mod because I like to make things more challenging for my Sims.
  • Inteenimater – Allows teen pregnancies and a has a host of other cool features. Conflicted with too many of my other mods, so I removed it. Make sure you read all documentation well before installing this if you decide to use it.
  • College Tuition and Student Loans – I made college free for all my Sims, so I didn’t need a tuition mod any longer. I never could quite get this one to work correctly, but I understand that it’s’ been updated.
  • Pregnancy Span 8 Hours – Makes Sim pregnancies last only a single day. I took this out because my Sims were procreating too fast.
  • Risky Woohoo – Normal woohoo has a 20% chance of resulting in pregnancy. I no longer use this mod since ACR handles risky woohoo in my game. This is a great mod if you don’t use ACR.

Hair, Skin & Eyes

I have experimented with a lot of default hairs over the course of my Youtube Career (as I’m sure you’ve seen if you watch my gameplay videos). But I always come back to true Maxis Match. My favorite place to find hair is Mod the Sims. Here are my favorite Maxis Match hair creators:

  • Artemida on MTS – Very Maxis Match hairs – creator of Fabien’s childhood and teen hair.
  • Fanseelamb’s Tumblr – Lots of amazing TRUE Maxis Match hair for men and boys. 
  • ZephyrSteph on MTS – Beautiful Maxis Match hair you probably recognize from my game.

The following sites are not as Maxis Match as the ones above, although if you stick with a single style, they look pretty good in-game.

  • Dread Pirate’s Tumblr – Beautiful hair and eyes, plus various skin blends, Sims you can download and more.
  • Keoni’s Tumblr – Fantastic Maxis Match hairs, clothing, and defaults. Her default hairs match the ones from Mikexx2 and the Jellybeanery. (She’s so good, I had to put her in two categories.) 
  • Lilith’s Tumblr – Stunning hairs, makeup, skins, and more to make your Simmies beautiful.
  • Mikexx2’s Tumblr – The same hair system used by Dreadpirate and the Jellybeanery using Remi’s Textures and Pooklet’s Natural Colors. Other downloads available here too including colorful wall decor, makeup, and conversions.
  • Pooklet’s Tumblr – So many amazing things here, but my favorites are the face templates, eyes, and skins.
  • Poppet’s Tumblr – Another Tumblr that requires placement in two different categories. Beautiful MM hairs that all match each other plus eyebrows. 
  • Peppermint & Ginger – Beautiful default replacement and custom hairs, eyebrows, eyes, and some cute clothes.

Education Mods

Mods that affect education, university, school, homework, etc.

  • Desk Locator AKA Put Your Homework Away Properly – Place the desk locator on a desk or table and have your Sim claim the desk via the menu on the object. They will put their homework on their own desk.
  • Edukashun Iz Gud – Limits promotions for uneducated Sims. They can only be promoted to  a certain career level based on how much education they have.
  • Faster Homework – Finish homework in 15 minutes instead of an hour.
  • Later Classes – Moves all morning university classes later in the day so no class starts before noon. Complements the Semester Changes mod.
  • No SS Respawn – Eliminates respawning of Secret Society members. If there are not enough SS members, when the game attempts to generate one, it will, instead of generating a new NPC, induct a YA townie instead, and use him.
  • Partial Homework Credit – This mod gives kids credit for partially completed homework.
  • School Mods – This mod fixes problems with the way a sim determines which friend to bring home from school, makes it so that private school students leave school earlier than usual, and makes it so that your household needs to pay 100 simoleons per each child/teen studying in private school.
  • Semester Changes – Makes University 8 days instead of 24.
  • Uni Career Lifetime Wants – Adds the missing lifetime wants for University careers back into the game.
  • Uni Aging and YA Move Out of College – Part of the Young Adults can enjoy maternity mods. Allows Sims of any age to live in the University subhoods, and allows Sims to stay at college after graduation and continue aging.

Job Mods

These mods impact jobs and careers in the game.

  • Job Options Mod Set – Allows all Sims to choose between part- and full-time jobs, asks you before a Sim gets promoted, allows Sims to have jobs in the University ‘hoods, and unlocks work-related wants and fears for young adults.
  • Job Seeking Notice Board – A notice board you can put on community lots that allows your Sims to get a job in any career track. This can also be done with Monique’s hacked computer, but I prefer the realism of having an unemployment office.
  • Job Stopinator – When placed in your Sim’s inventory, they cannot be promoted to a higher level in their career.
  • Level Numbers Added to Job Titles – Adds the job level next to the job title in menu screens. Very handy for quickly seeing what level your Sim is at in their career.
  • No Carpools for Mothers – This mod will prevent the carpool from showing up for all female sims that have their own baby or toddler living in the lot. You can still have them walk to work if you want.
  • Work & Bring Home Friend Dialogue – A dialog box (Yes/No) will pop up that will ask you if it’s okay to bring a friend home from work.
  • Young Adult Job Panel Revealer – This is a hacked object that allows you to temporarily open student’s job panel that is normally replaced by major/classes panel. Recommended for use with the Job Options Mod Set listed above.

Custom Content

I have gigs and gigs of custom content, so there’s no way I can post it all here. However, I will post a few essentials that I couldn’t live without.

Also, see this page for many of my favorite CC creators/sites. I play with a Maxis-Match style, so all my links are for MM CC.

  • Correlated Skins – genetic set of Maxis Match skins with body hair and baby hair. For the baby hair, you need to visit the comment section and get the bu_hair files.
  • Mina’s 27 Face Templates – to replace the ugly Maxis templates.
  • Bruno’s Behind These Eyes Maxified – prettier, more realistic eyes that are still Maxis-match.
  • Default Makeup Replacement – Replaces the fugly basegame and OFB makeup.
  • Default Replacements – I have replaced most of the hideous Maxis Clothing using replacements from here. You can browse through multiple selections for each clothing item and choose the replacement you want. Highly recommended site.

Supernatural Mods

These are mods that affect the supernatural life states.

  • Creature Fixes – Fixes a lot of issues with supernaturals.
  • Hereditary Supernaturalism – When babies grow into toddlers they can inherit vampirism and plantsimism from their parents. When toddlers grow into children they can inherit lycanthropy, and when they grow into teens they can inherit witchism.
  • Higher Odds of Abduction – Increases the overall odds of being abducted by aliens when stargazing.
  • Sim Transformer – Making an alien-zombie-vampire-werewolf-plantsim-witch hybrid has never been this easy. This magical picture can transform (and cure) your sim to any of the creatures.
  • Werewolf Personality – Rather than continuously changing personality forever, giving all werewolves the same personality, this changes personality only through the first 20 transformations.  Werewolves will experience no more than +5 to playful, active and outgoing and no more than -5 to neat and nice. This gives a final personality that is related to their pre-wolf state.

Townie & NPC Mods

These are mods that specifically deal with townies (non-playable Sims) and NPCs (maids, gardeners, etc.) that don’t fit into other categories.

  • Call NPCs – Allows you to call NPCs on the phone (such as Kaylynn Langerak).
  • No Greeting NPCs – Stops the Matchmaker and Garden Club Lady from showing up when you move a Sim into a new lot.
  • No Humble – The NPC “Rod Humble” no longer shows up and gives your Sims a free computer when you first load a household.
  • Non-Townie Outfits – Prevents certain outfits and hairstyles from being selected for townies and newly-aged sims.
  • Seletable NPC – Allows you to choose which maid, gardener, nanny, etc. to hire from the ones available in  your ‘hood.
  • Townie Apartment Residents – Apartment neighbors and roommates will be chosen from the townie pool rather than social groups.
  • Townie Body Diversity – Any spawned townies have a chance of being either fat or fit. Every Sim is no longer thin.
  • Townie Move-In No Memory Loss – Townies will keep all their memories when moving into a playable household.
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