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It’s A (Head) Wrap — A Base Game Compatible Hat

How many times can I name CC based on the phrase it’s a wrap?  We’ll see

This is the scarf from my Wrapped Up Hair separated!  I had wanted to separate this and then someone sent me an ask requesting it, too,  so here it is!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Comes in

    the original 13 EA patterns and solid swatches

  • **Use short or no hair under this headwrap or it will cause hairs to act like your sim has a normal hat on**

    I did it like this so you could use earrings!

TOU: Feel free to recolor my CC, just please don’t include the mesh and please don’t put it behind a pay wall(link shortner, etc.)  Don’t link to my CC through ad links either.   My full TOU is here.

Giddy Up Skirt Set — A Base Game Compatible Skirt Set

My first Strangerville mesh edits!  Some new belted skirts for your sims, one with straps and one without!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Found in the “Skirts” category so you can mix and match with tops

    These work with a lot of shirts, but will clip with others!

  • You CAN have both in-game at the same time 
  • Come with Accessory Belt overlay for mixing and matching

    Belt found in “Rings” Category

  • Both come in Smubuh’s Mile High Palette (18 colors)
  • I included the PSD to make recoloring easier! It’s in a separate folder 🙂

TOU: Feel free to recolor my CC, just please don’t include the mesh and please don’t put it behind a pay wall(link shortner, etc.)  Don’t link to my CC through ad links either.   My full TOU is here.

“Through the Seasons” — SPRING

Do you feel it? The world is awakening to new life. Everywhere it greens, flowers sprout, love is in the air … and your Sims need clothes for the slowly rising temperatures. Have fun with a touch of spring to wear!


  • The Sims 4 “Seasons” expansion pack is required
  • For the “polo” shirts The Sims 4 “Cats & Dogs” expansion pack is required
  • 11 different CAS items!
  • 2 tops for male (one in two versions, the other in 3 versions!)1 bottom for male1 full outfit for girls2 full outfits for toddlers2 full outfits for female3 different hats for young adult — elders
  • 53 solid and 30 spring patterned swatches
  • Standalone
  • Enabled for random

Download below!

Fühlst du es? Die Welt erwacht zu neuem Leben. Überall grünt es, Blumen sprießen, Liebe liegt in der Luft … und deine Sims brauchen neue Kleidung für die langsam steigenden Temperaturen. Viel Spaß mit einem Hauch von Frühling zum Anziehen!


  • Benötigt das “Die Sims 4 — Jahreszeiten” Erweiterungspack
  • Die “Polo” Shirts benötigen das “Die Sims 4 — Hunde & Katzen” Erweiterungspack
  • 11 verschiedene CAS-Anteile!
  • 2 Oberteile für Männer (eins in 2 Versionen, das andere in 3 Versionen)1 Hose für Männer1 ganzes Outfit für Mädchen2 ganze Outfits für Kleinkinder2 ganze Outfits für Frauen3 verschiedene Hüte für junge Erwachsene bis Senioren
  • 53 einfarbige Swatches und 30 Swatches mit Frühlingsmustern
  • Einzelne Auflistung im CAS
  • Das Spiel nutzt die Kleidungsstücke zufällig

Roswell Craftsman

Last house for my Strangerville series! That’s build number 10 in 2 weeks!  Since Ted Roswell is the Mayor of Strangerville I wanted it to be the biggest house and thank you @eslanes for helping me figure out the interior style to this house. This house will work with the story mode if you are still playing that so it comes with a surprise.

Comes with a living room, kitchen, formal dining room, office, reading room, laundry room, hobby room, 2 bathrooms, master bedroom, guest room and ???. Inspired by the initiative of @simmingbee the back yard has a bee garden and a natural pool.

Residential, 40×30 lot Strangerville

Cc free, available on the Gallery

EA ID: CatSaar

Tray Files: simfileshare (no ads)

Requires: All current EP, all current GP except Vampires, Laundry Day, Bowling, Vintage Glamour, Backyard, Kids Room, Movie Hangout, Cool Kitchen, Holiday.

Something Strange

This set is a special thanks to @simlijahccfinds for his gift. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do those recolors. Thank you again! I enjoy the StrangerVille GP a lot! ^.^


  • Requires The Sims 4 “StrangerVille” gameplay pack
  • Category: Top
  • Categories: Everyday, Party, Cold weather (male top), hot weather (female top)
  • The aviator jacket (male top) comes in a stencil/button and in a plain version!
  • 2x 55 solid swatches (male top), 55 solid and 68 patterned swatches (female top)
  • Standalone
  • Enabled for random

Download below!

Dieses Set ist ein spezieller Dank an @simlijahccfinds für sein Geschenk. Ansonsten hätte ich diese Recolors nämlich nicht machen können. Nochmal vielen Dank! Ich genieße das StrangerVille GP sehr! ^.^


  • Benötigt Die Sims 4 “StrangerVille” Gameplay Pack
  • Kategorie: Oberteil
  • Kategorien: Alltags- und Ausgehkleidung, Kaltes Wetter (Männer Oberteil), Heißes Wetter (Frauen Oberteil)
  • Die Aviator Jacket (Oberteil Männer) kommt in einer Version mit Stencils/Aufdrucken und in einer ohne!
  • 2×55 einfarbige Swatches (Männer Oberteil), 55 einfarbige und 68 gemusterte Swatches (Frauen Oberteil)
  • Separate Auflistung im CAS
  • Das Spiel nutzt die Kleidungsstücke zufällig

The MARTINA House — a 30×30 Family Home —

Built on patch 1.67 — Originally built in Sunset Valley, next door to Jamie Jolina’s house — Fully furnished family home  — big living room, study, 4 bedrooms, 2 to 3 bathrooms, double parking garage, small swimming pool, attic and basement.

Using items from : * EPs: WA, Ambition, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise

                             * SPs: Outdoor Living, Town Life

CC used ( in my game they are all into .package format):

— Roof, Neutral Slate with white trim by hatshepsut on TSR

— Windows by Missyzim on TSR  * MZ back to Basix window counter high (1×1)

                                           * MZ back to Basix window counter high (1×2)

                                           * MZ back to Basix window privacy windows  (1×1)

-Shutters by Missyzim  on TSR  * MZ back to Basix shutters double

                                          * MZ back to Basix counter high shutters

— Fence: Curb by Grande Lama

— Mansard Ceiling by Grande Lama

— Fence: Poolside Set by Grande Lama

— High  Hedge  Sims 4 to 3 by ATS3(bottom left of the page)

Design Pattern Pack

This was a request from @adamularsims​ so he could create his personal CC recolors with textures I use. Because none of the textures is created by me I hope I won’t break copyrights here. In case there’s a problem please let me know and I will remove your texture and/or the full pack.Please use this…

  1. for personal use only!
  2. only for fully free CC in case you share your creations!

I haven’t put all the textures I use into it but there should be enough to fullfill a creator’s heart. The most textures are from The Sims 3 extracted by @zerbu — visit his awesome mod site!The cute flower textures I often use are from the Little Japanese Apricot pack by shishi2011 — visit her DeviantArt site!All other textures I put into this pack I’ve found by searching the web and (yes, I feel ashamed!) I haven’t written down from where I exactly got them. But they were free, otherwise I wouldn’t use them.

The pack includes:

  • only seamless patterns
  • 9 from the web and unknown creators
  • 4 from the Little Japanes Apricot pack by Shishi2011
  • 53 from The Sims 3, extracted by Zerbu
  • They come in .png format and Photoshop (CS2) .pat format
  • Textfiles with credits to the owners as far as I know where the textures came from

Enjoy and tag me or send me a message when you create with these. I’m curious what your creativity will give the community 🙂

4k Followers Gift!

First of all, let me thank each and every one of you for following me, I really appreciate it! As a thank you, here are some goodies for your sim kids! 🙂 !THE JEANS NEED A MESH! MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD IT!

1986 Top — Child ver.

A child version of my 1986 top. For both boys and girls!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • 14 Swatches
  • New Mesh / Mesh Edit
  • Custom Thumbnail

Rossen Jeans

For these jeans, I used the texture from these amazing jeans by @tajsiwel All credit for the texture goes to them. (I just removed the rips in the back, that’s all.)

  • Base Game Compatible
  • 12 Swatches
  • Custom Thumbnail

Hannah Top

A mesh edit of this cute outfit by @onyxsims .  I also added 5 swatches with graphic designs by @nuagelle , you can find the psd here.

  • Base Game Compatible
  • New Mesh / Mesh Edit — Credit to @onyxsims
  • 25 Swatches
  • Custom Thumbnail

Kiseki Top

A mesh edit of this top by @clumsyalienn, all credit for the mesh goes to them!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • New Mesh / Mesh Edit — Credit to @clumsyalienn
  • 8 Swatches
  • Custom Thumbnail
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