Go to school mod pack at zerbu

Follow your little Sims during their school day!

If you ever wanted to go to school with your little Sims, and follow them during their daily school tasks, then today it’s your lucky day because Zerbu Tabek, a fellow simmer and a mod creator, published info about an awesome mod pack called ‘Go To School’!

(learn how to install the mod)

How does the mod work? Just  like in the Get to Work expansion pack, (which is required in order to make it work) you will be asked to follow your child or teenage Sim to school when he’s leaving home. The mod also includes two venue types: Elementary School and High School, which you can download from the Gallery or create from scratch.

But, that’s not all! To spice things up a little bit, the pack includes also introduction days, field trips, daily tasks and even the possibility for your little mischievous Sims to play ‘Hookie’ while an hologram does the boring school works!

Play ‘Hookie’ and skip school!

What if your Sim is a bit of a nuisance and doesn’t care about all those activities? No problem: the pack also includes a new skill called ‘Hookie’ that’s just what they’re waiting for: when your Sim gets a F grade they will be given an option to skip school and send an off screen hologram that does all the boring work while they’re out having fun. By doing so they will develop the Hookie skill and, when it gets to level 2, they can decide to skip school whenever they like, even without a F grade.

Sounds great isn’t it? But, before you rush to download it, please remember to read all the instructions very carefully! Also, if you’re experiencing some issues after updating your game to the latest May patch, don’t worry: Zerbu has already updated the mod to make it work with the new game update, so be sure to download and install the mod once again, and don’t forget to check the mod website regularly to get the latest updates!

One last thing before you leave: please make sure to thank Zerbu Tabek on his blog or his Twitter page for all his efforts in building this mod!

Source: The Sims Community

Daily school activities

While attending Elementary School, a typical day for you children will have four main goals: Draw on the activity table, Play the Violin,Practice Typing and Experiment at the Chemistry table. Each of those interactions last for 15 minutes and your Sim will be given two goals at once you can choose from, which will change randomly between these four. Activities for the teenage Sims are still under development but they will most probably include skill building activities.

However, when they attend school for the first time, they will have an introduction day which is less focused on activities and more on getting to know classmates and making friends (in fact, your Sim has to complete each of the four goals only once). Introduction day is probably going to be extended also to teenage Sims on their first day of high school.

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